Exam 1

  1. Question

    For the 47 observations of the variable x in the data file boxhist.csv draw a histogram, a boxplot and a stripchart. Based on the graphics, answer the following questions or check the correct statements, respectively. (Comment: The tolerance for numeric answers is ±0.3\pm0.3, the true/false statements are either about correct or clearly wrong.)

    1. The distribution is unimodal. / The distribution is not unimodal.
    2. The distribution is symmetric. / The distribution is right-skewed. / The distribution is left-skewed.
    3. The boxplot shows outliers. / The boxplot shows no outliers.
    4. A quarter of the observations is smaller than which value?
    5. A quarter of the observations is greater than which value?
    6. Half of the observations are greater than which value?


    1. True. / False.
    2. False. / False. / True.
    3. True. / False.
    4. 2.54.
    5. 3.9.
    6. 3.72.