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Tests for Moodle, Blackboard, ...

E-Learning E-Learning

Easily generate large online tests for various learning management systems (like Moodle, Canvas, OpenOlat, Blackboard, ...).

1. Goal
  • Online tests as part of your course, typically using your university’s learning management system (like Moodle, Canvas, OpenOlat, Blackboard).
  • But entering exams “by hand” is tedious and…
  • …(a large number of) random variations of similar exercises is required to reduce the risk of cheating.
2. Create
  • Set up (dynamic) exercise templates.
  • Easily draw (very many) random replications from these templates.
  • Automatically embed these into an exchange file format (typically in HTML/XML).
3. Import
  • Import this file into a learning management system.
  • Either directly into an online test or into some question bank or item pool.
  • From there handle the online test “as usual” in the respective learning management system.