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Based on a Simple Exercise Format

One-for-All Exams Generator One-for-All Exams Generator

Export the same exercises to written exams, online quizzes, self tests, and live voting software.


  • R/exams is based on exercises in plain text files with formatting either via Markdown or LaTeX and optional R code to make the content dynamic.
  • The format is agnostic to a specific output format and can be rendered into a wide variety of files.
  • Thus, the same exercise can be exported into different formats - with multiple-choice and single-choice being supported by almost all learning management systems.

Output formats

  • PDFs for written exams (with automatic scanning and evaluation).
  • Custom files of various types (PDF, HTML, Docx, ODF, …), using flexible document templates.
  • Imports for learning management systems (like Moodle, Canvas, OpenOlat, Blackboard, Ilias, …).
  • ARSnova (live voting software).