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Large-Scale Pen-and-Paper Exams

Written Exams Written Exams

Manage large-scale written exams from generation to evaluation using R/exams.

1. Create
  • Prepare a separate text file for each multiple-choice exercise.
  • Using exams2nops() from R/exams, create (individual) PDF files for each examinee.
2. Print
  • Print the PDF exams, e.g., on a standard printer.
  • …or for large exams at a print shop.
3. Exam
  • Conduct the exam as usual.
  • Collect the completed exam sheets.
4. Scan
  • Scan all exam sheets, e.g., on a photocopier.
  • Using nops_scan() from R/exams, process the scanned exam sheets to obtain machine-readable content.
5. Evaluate
  • Using nops_eval() from R/exams, evaluate the exam to obtain grades, points, etc. and individual HTML reports for each examinee.
  • Required files: Correct answers from Step 1, scans from Step 4, and a participant list in CSV format.