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Using ChatGPT for Creating Multiple- and Single-Choice R/exams Questions


Tutorial for creating knowledge quiz questions with the help of ChatGPT in multiple- or single-choice format for R/exams. Read More ›

Stress Testing Dynamic R/exams Exercises


Before actually using a dynamic exercise in a course it should be thoroughly tested. While certain aspects require critical reading by a human, other aspects can be automatically stress-tested in R. Read More ›

R/exams @ useR! 2019


Pre-conference tutorial about R/exams at useR! 2019 (The R User Conference) in Toulouse: Slides, example code, and links to further information. Read More ›

From Static to Numeric to Single-Choice Exercises in R/exams


Tutorial for turning a static arithmetic exercise into a dynamic numeric exercise template and furthermore into a dynamic single-choice exercise template. Read More ›

First Steps


First overview of the structure of R/exams, its exercise templates, and a first hands-on session. Read More ›