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Introductory R/exams Course by Andrew Zammit-Mangion


To help new users to adopt R/exams for generating remote assessments this new free online course covers steps from installation to automatic exam generation in Moodle and PDF format. Read More ›

R/exams for Distance Learning: Resources and Experiences


Resources and experiences shared by the R/exams community for supporting distance learning in different learning management systems. Read More ›

E-Learning Quizzes with R/exams for Moodle and OpenOlat


Step-by-step tutorials for generating, importing, and customizing online tests and quizzes using exams2moodle() and exams2openolat() in R/exams. Read More ›

R/exams @ useR! 2019


Pre-conference tutorial about R/exams at useR! 2019 (The R User Conference) in Toulouse: Slides, example code, and links to further information. Read More ›